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The Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport  

Brotherhood, Unity and Equality in the Entire Community! 

Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport's History




The Mystic Krewe of Apollo was first formed in New Orleans in 1969 by Mr. Roland Dobson. The Krewe was founded on the principle of fostering brotherhood, unity and equality within the community. The main function of the krewe was to stage an annual Bal Masque during the Mardi Gras social season.

In 1976, Mr. Dobson helped found two affiliate krewes: the Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette, and the Mystic Krewe of Apollo – Birmingham. In 1981, the Mystic Krewe of Apollo – Baton Rouge was formed. And, in 1986, the Mystic Krewe of Apollo – Shreveport joined the brotherhood.

The first Bal Masque for the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport, was held in the Municipal Auditorium on Grand Avenue [now Elvis Presley Blvd]. That evening brought the first Tableau of Characters with the theme being “Treasures of the Earth.“ The first King Apollo I, Mike Beard, was The Golden King and Queen Apollo I, Robert Doggens, was The Diamond Queen. Members of the court represented semi-precious stones and minerals of the earth. [Amethyst, Onyx, Copper, Opal, Fire and Silver]. Jay Walker was the Captain of Bal Masque I. Tiffany Ariagas opened the Bal with Sandi Patti’s “Star Spangled Banner”. Ray Scott Crawford was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The Bal was dedicated posthumously to the Krewe’s first president Rex Mayfield. Current and past royalty and court members from Baton Rouge and Lafayette were presented including King IX - Lafayette [Garland Romero] and King Apollo X - Lafayette [Steve Corel]. Since that time, the club has continued to grow and flourish. The Krewe welcomes approximately 1,200 guests to it’s Bal Masque to celebrate the Mardi Gras season each year.

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Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport

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How We Progress:

Our Election Meeting takes place each year after the Bal Masque and the dissolvement of krewe the 1st weekend of Febuary. At this meeting all members from the previous year come together at a named location  to elect a new Board to lead the Krewe in the upcoming years events. Immediately following the election process the new Board meets to discuss the Krewe's current standing.

Our Theme and Royalty Announcement is held in the fall of the year the Theme and Royalty Announcement of the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveportis designed to celebrate the announcement of the newest King and Queen of the upcoming Bal Masque aswell as the Theme of the annual Bal. At this event the members of the Krewe that will wear themed costumes and represent the court are presented.

Our Bal Masque will be held at the Municipal Auditorium in the late winter/early spring. It will be a festive and joyous time. With performances and appearances from the Royalty and Pageant winners. Great Emcee's and food and fun for everyone.