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The Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport  

Brotherhood, Unity and Equality in the Entire Community! 

Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport's Bal Masque

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Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport

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Our Theme and Royalty Announcement is held in the fall of the year the Theme and Royalty Announcement of the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveportis designed to celebrate the announcement of the newest King and Queen of the upcoming Bal Masque aswell as the Theme of the annual Bal. At this event the members of the Krewe that will wear themed costumes and represent the court are presented.

The Mr. and Miss Apollo Shreveport Pageant will be held in the early summer. These young men will complete for additional bragging rights and awards after qualifying under the Rules and Regulations of the Krewe.

Contestants compete in a variety of categories; including Presentation, Formal Wear/Evening gown, and Talent. In addition to the title of Mr. or Miss Apollo Shreveport, judges also award many other achievements before the crowning of Mr. and Miss Apollo Shreveport. The winner of the Mr. and Miss Apollo Shreveport title will go on to represent the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport at the National Mr. and Miss Apollo Pageant. They are also presented at the annual Bal Masque as well as make special appearances, on behalf of the Krewe throughout the year.

With the formation of all of the affiliate Mystic Krewes of Apollo, each organization would select their own, local, Mr. and Miss Apollo. Those representatives would then gather in New Orleans, Louisiana each year, to complete for the title of Mr. and Miss National Apollo. As the number of affiliations has reduced over the years, this tradition continues. Now however, each of the remaining Krewes of Apollo takes turns in hosting the National Pageant every year.

In those early days, it was only the winner for each of the Krewes that was allowed to compete. As with everything, times change. Today, not only are the winners of the local pageants eligible to compete but anyone may enter, so long as they are sponsored by a gay or “gay friendly” organization. As with the local pageant, contestants complete in a variety of categories including Talent, Presentation/Swim Wear and Formal Wear/Evening Gown. The Mystic Krewe of Apollo Shreveport shall continue this tradition by sending our representative to the National Apollo in our honor. The National Winner will/shall be invited to appear at each sister Bal Masque.

Our Bal Masque will be held at the Municipal Auditorium in the late winter/early spring. It will be a festive and joyous time. With performances and appearances from the Royalty and Pageant winners. Great Emcee's and food and fun for everyone.